Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of Merazonia to Riobamba

Hello everyone!!! We made it to Riobamba, Ecuador and it has the highest volcano in Ecuador, and the furthest away from the center of the Earth. Leaving Merazonia was sad :( because we made so many awesome friends and it will definitely be a huge highlight of our trip. A few things happened on our last day in Merazonia, for example, we dodged one of the most poisonous snake in South America called an Equis snake, and swung on vines like Tarzan! After leaving Merazonia we made our way to Banos again to hit up the hot springs (which were closed unfortunately), but we brought along our two new Irish friends who made the waiting and bus times more funny and enjoyable. They will hopefully be traveling with us until Peru and hopefully we can jump into Bolivia with them as well! Tomorrow we plan on hiking or climbing around Riobamba and along the Chimborazo volcano area. We are staying at Hostel, Oasis here and it is definitely one of the most beautiful hostels we have been at so far, apparently there are parrots that will land on you (we arrived during the night so we cant see that much) but pshhhhh cant be any cooler than the ones at Merazonia!

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